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Instead of our hoped-for March 2021 Dance weekend with Joan Walton, we are excited to announce a Virtual Gathering with Joan Walton. Registration opened on March 1.

Exciting News: We hope to be able to announce an October 2021 Waltz Weekend with Richard Powers! 

LVD and Friends at Friends: Thursday night Social Dancing on hold until further notice, but we look forward to when we can dance again on Thursday nights at the Lexington Friends Meeting House for an evening of waltzing, some polka, two step, ragtime tango, did we mention waltzing?  Social waltzing 6:30-7:00 pm, followed by guided instruction from 7:00-9:00 pm on various other dances with more waltzing sprinkled in. When we begin again, you can come single or partnered in casual dress and shoes that turn well on Lexington Friend's excellent floor. Free convenient parking, pay as you can admission, and the nicest folks to be found. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor when we can dance again.

Lexington Vintage Dance invites you to explore the ballroom and social dance forms of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Watch the episode of "Kentucky Life" featuring LVD on the KET website.

See the article and video about us in the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Arts Council Logo In recognition of artistic excellence, Lexington Vintage Dance has been selected to participate in the Performing Arts Directory, a program of the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, which is supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.



* Jane Austen Bicentennial
* Romantic Era Dances to Music by Ky Composers
* The Gay Nineties
* Downton Abbey Era


* Regency (1800-1830)
* Romantic (1840-1875)
* Late Victorian and Turn-of-the-Century (1875-1910)
* Ragtime and Jazz Age (1910-1930)

Jane Austen, 1775 - 1817

The balls in Austen's novel reflect a genteel and peaceful England of country estates and a leisure class. But change was in the air. In the 1810s, country dances and reels were giving way to new dances, including the quadrille from France, the mazurka from Russia, and the scandalous waltz. Political and diplomatic forces were poised to change the ballroom forever.

Dances to Music by Kentucky Composers 1835 - 1875

In the mid-1800s, Lexington was the Athens of the West and a lively center of culture. Kentucky composers wrote lively music for the latest dances: the waltz, polka, schottische and mazurka. Let us show you how these dances might have looked, hoop skirts and all!

The Gay Nineties

In the days before income taxes, weathly families built extravagant mansions and lived high, while mainstream Americans were singing "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)" and "Sweet Rosie O'Grady". This 30-minute program illustrates dances of the 1890s from around the world.

Downton Abbey Era---From the Titanic to the Twenties

From the class-bound elegance of the Edwardian Era through World War I to the exuberant chaos of the 1920s, the political and social life of England was changing fast. See how those changes were reflected in the social dances of the time.

For information and bookings, c all (859) 813-0956 or email lexingtonvintagedance@gmail.com. Please go to "Let Us Dance For You" for additional performance programs available from Lexington Vintage Dance.

Join our Troupe!

Lexington Vintage Dance will soon be seeking friends interested in dancing with our performance troupe. Some dance background is desirable, though it need not be in vintage dance. Call (859) 813-0956 or email lexingtonvintagedance@gmail.com for more information. 

Within our site you can:

Observe our dances through our performances or contact us to have us perform at your next event. We've performed for audiences at reenactments, museums, concerts, historic homes, festivals, theaters, schools, private parties, retirement communities, wedding receptions, and conferences.

Learn more about how do do these dance styles yourself through one of our many classes.

When we resume them, pleases join us at any of the dance activities that are open to the public. We host informal social dances from time to time, and there are many Balls and Workshops in our area.

Lexington Vintage Dance, with headquarters in Lexington, KY, is dedicated to researching, teaching, performing, and promoting the ballroom and social dance forms of the 19th and early 20th centuries.


Virtual Gathering with Joan Walton

Date: March 13, 2021
Place: Zoom

Tentative Planning: 2021 Waltz Weekend with Richard Powers
Dates: October TBA
Place: Rusel-Acton Folk Center, 212 Jefferson St., Berea, KY.

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